Making Circularity Accessible

We are a social enterprise that translates academic research on the circular economy into actionable insights for businesses, NGOs and policy-makers, with the intention to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable society

Making Circularity Accessible

Circular Academy


We are a social enterprise that translates academic research on the circular economy into actionable insights for businesses, NGOs policy-makers, with the intention to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable society


Our activities

Knowledge generation

Our academics at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University, create cutting-edge scholarly knowledge on the transition towards the circular economy

Knowledge application

We apply this academic knowledge via providing consulting services and trainings for businesses, NGOs and policy-makers



Wolkat - Circle scan

For 4 generations already, Wolkat has shown its leadership in the field of recycling textiles. End-of-life textiles are collected from western markets after which they are processed and recycled, to be given a second life. To get clear insights into Wolkat's reduced impact as compared to virgin material clothes, the Circular Academy conducted a Circle Scan on Wolkat's flagship yarns. 



Excess Materials Exchange

The Circular Academy has collaborated with the EME and assisted in analysing the excess material flows of their clients by constructing detailed material passports of these waste streams. These material passports allow any player that is part of EME's network to get the insights they need to discover the true circular potential of their material flows. 




Core team

MSc. Jasper Roosendaal  


Co-founder & Consulting Manager 

Jasper has a background in Biology and Sustainable Business Innovations. He is specialized in Material Flow Analysis & Entrepreneurship. Next to managing the Circular Academy he is working with material passports as a business analyst for the Excess Materials Exchange.


Dr. Thomas Bauwens

Academic Manager

Thomas is an economist specialized in environmental and energy issues. Next to managing the Circular Academy he is conducting his post-doctoral research at Utrecht University, focusing on the roles of circular start-ups in the transition to a circular economy. 

Graduate Bob Massar

Consultant/Currently @ Amped

Bob Massar has a background in environmental sciences with a specialisation in sustainable business practices and social sciences. He has green fingers and a passion for cooking, for those reasons he is focused on a project analysing the ecosystems of circular start-ups in the food sector.  

Graduate Daan Fraanje


Consultant/Currently @ Madaster

Daan has a background in Facility management & Sustainability. His  interests are in communication, business development & organisational change. Currently he is focused on a project with high emphasis on circular economy & urban mining working with Madaster. 

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Circular Academy


A social enterprise that accelerates the transition towards a circular economy by translating academic research into actionable insights for businesses, NGOs and governments



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